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Cranberry Turkey cages (STEM)

These cranberry 'cages', houses, and structures were so fun for my son to build while I read aloud to him. We absolutely enjoyed seeing how sound the structure was (at least at first), and creating structures with a purpose. Ours was to house our flock of turkeys. We used this freebie from teachers pay teachers It was so fun to have this themed craft to do around the holidays, as this was our family's first turkey celebration of thanksgiving in 10 years.

What you will need: Cranberries


Turkey printouts (optional)

Take your time letting your imagination run wild and build whatever structure happens to come to mind. Even if it seems impossible, what kind of ways could you help to reinforce it? Would another cranberry help? More toothpicks? As your child builds (and naturally as their towers fall) so they learn about balance, geometry, structure and so much more! It's also just fun watching the kids who love to tinker as this activity is more so play for them than anything. This activity was a great option when we were coming home from being outside for awhile. We had such nice weather these last few days that melted the snow we saw over the beginning of the week.

These are all of our turkeys in their cage. Cutting them out was quite the adventure and something that we got through relatively easily, though we got through it together.

Hope you have fun making these too and they inspire you!

1ove, Mina

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