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DIY paper heart chain

In this article you'll learn how to make a simple paper heart chain using colored construction paper.

What you will need is:



3.Colored construction paper



Step 1. Take your ruler and place it evenly over your paper horizontally, mark each inch along the paper. Make a line on each inch.

Step 2. Now that your paper is marked cut along your lines to make 1 inch strips of paper

Step 3. Cut each strip in half. Then, take two strips of paper of whatever color you want and place them backsides together, then staple.

Step 4. Bring the other pieces of paper around to the front and hold in place. Grab the next two strips of paper and place on either side of the bottom of your heart.

Step 5. Staple together and keep repeating the process until your strips are all gone or your garland is as long as you would like.

And you're done! Great job!

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