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Penny spinners!

These are super fun to make and a really quick art project for everyone who won't put the pennies or markers in their mouth. First you'll want to print out some designs or templates. You can draw plenty but I have some templates here that you can print out.

Then you'll want to get started coloring them in. This part of the process takes the longest out of any step. So take your time and go as slow or as fast as you'd like.

After that's done cut them out

Then trace your circle on cardboard. I used an old miniatures priming box. Shoutout and thank you to my husband!

After that cut out your cardboard circle

Then glue the circle template that you colored in to the cardboard circle you just cut out using craft glue or stick glue. I let them dry for 25-30 minutes.

Then cut a hole in the center for the penny. It does not matter, make it too big or you will have to create a nickel spinner, and they work just as well. stabbed mine with scissors as precisely as I could. Then you're all done!

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