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There is no homeschool easy button

You get out of relationships what you put into them. If you want to take the easy route-then homeschooling and parenting in general is probably going to present some challenges for you. If you send your kids to school there will be the stresses of getting them, picking them up, meeting with teachers, and much more. The same is said for homeschooling. While life moves at a bit of a slower pace some days, others are absolute insanity. The youngest has a playgroup at 10, the oldest has an archery lesson at 11:30, takes 30 minutes to get there, and middle has a co-op class from 12-2. Then all of the kids have plans to meet up with another family that you are friends with that day at 3 at a park. You'll need to brace yourself for homeschooling when you enter it. It is not parenting easy street and pajamas all day; and it is not meant to be easy. It is meant to be worthwhile, worth doing, and something that you will want to celebrate.

When we consider parenting, we consider the short term often. We do not consider the long-term effects of things- we see only what is in front of us. Our 7-year-old struggling with writing or our 10-year-old struggling with reading, or they are an incredibly speedy reader but retain none of the material they read. Either way, there is a consistent effort put in to be with and notice your child just as there would be in a school system. However, at home because the classrooms are much smaller than you as a teacher see things that would often be missed or overlooked by a teacher with a classroom of 13+ and maybe an aide once a week.

We as homeschoolers have to understand that there is no easy way out, no easy option, no quick fix, no way to get better than to practice at and get better with our current tools. That means that research, professional development, homemaking, cooking, and more all will come to be understood in time and rather than holding ourselves to the standard of a professional blogging, working, homeschool mom we have to take things (especially new things) one step at a time if we want to move forward at a consistent pace. Anyone who has had to choose between bursts of work or consistency will tell you that consistency will outpace bursts of creativity time and time again. If you want to homeschool and you find yourself being a creator of excuses remember that the excuse will be the memory rather than 2 hands at work.

There is no easy way to take your kids to school, pick them up, go to work, cook and clean, keep house, never relax on weekends, and more. When we look to homeschool from that space, we often overestimate the days of read alouds and coffee although you have the option to make space for that to happen if that is what your family needs. I have done it for seasons where we need to slow down and it has been so helpful! Majoritively, I hear of homeschoolers new and seasoned talking about how hard it is to continue the schedules from time to time. I completely and totally agree! Know your why so when you try to push that easy button, and nothing happens you will know how to keep pushing forward in your own homeschool. You believed you were worthy of starting this journey and there are many reasons to stay motivated. Know you do not struggle alone at all, as each person struggles with each different dynamic of parenting in general no matter how it looks.

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