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Valentines for your kids!

As a mother I've come to love valentines so much, but I didn't always. I used to call it 'singles awareness day', I still do, and I don't love all of the candy around at the height of the winter season. However, many people gathered in a conspiracy of love and giving especially during the coldest most bitter time of year is an immeasurable, incredible thing to me- and I will do all I can to feed that spirit of love and giving. This year my son and I have dove deep into prayer and breathwork, so this craft was inspired by that.

First you'll want to make a template in Canva or you can use mine! Then cut them out. You don't have to fold them but if you want to you can fold them into little envelopes. I like doing it because folding paper is fun for me, and it adds a little mystery to the valentines but whatever works for you!

Until The actual day of Valentines, we are preparing for a very big trunk or treat valentines exchange with many families in our co op. Naturally upon scrolling Pinterest for ideas I've seen this tutorial all over there as we gain ideas for Cupid Photo Booth. It so fits in with our work around prayer and emotional intelligence we have been doing as a family, so I felt inspired to do it this year!

There's lots of fast reels that explain how to fold a heart into an envelope (I, too, have one on my Instagram) so in this article I will explain how to do it slowly for those readers who aren't as familiar with folded paper crafts.

First fold the sides of your heart in towards the center.

Next, fold the top of the heart to make the bottom of your 'envelope'.

finally, the bottom of he heart is the 'seal' of the envelope' and the kids, or your friend, or your husband, or whoever get a surprise when they open it!

I secured mine with Washi tape but you can use whatever you'd like!

How cute is that? I hope this helps!

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