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What is Raising Seidlings all about?

Updated: Feb 27

"Seidling" is a play on our families' last name, Seid.

I chose to go with Raising Seidlings for obvious reasons, as we are raising our children with this lifestyle choice.

Hello readers! I am a homeschooling parent and blogger, sharing my experiences and insights on homeschooling.

I embarked on this homeschooling journey about 8 years ago, and it has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience for my family. My son loves the experience of being home and having a hands-on, interest guided learning journey unfold with the both of us every day. I want to share the lessons I’ve learned and the resources I’ve found helpful in hopes of helping other families who are considering or currently homeschooling. As with everything, starting out homeschooling is not the same as having your feet on the ground after experience. It all seems daunting in the beginning- I hope to alleviate some of that.

I believe that every child is unique and learns differently, and homeschooling offers the flexibility to tailor education to meet their individual needs. It seems to me a tragedy that most students in kindergarten skip to and love the classroom and in high school all of the play is gone, their feet might as well be leaden weights dragging them into the room under duress. It's been a journey of discovery and growth for my children and myself, and I am excited to share our story with others. I am working on creating and providing resources to share and hopefully help other families in the long run of their homeschool journey as well.

In my blog, you will find a wide range of topics, from curriculum choices to hands-on learning activities, to art lessons, to the challenges and joys of homeschooling.

I also write about incorporating faith, values, nutrition, and overall health into our homeschooling. As well as balancing education with the responsibilities of everyday life.

I hope to encourage and inspire other homeschooling families, and to provide a resource for those just starting out on this path.

So come join me on this journey and let’s explore the world of homeschooling together!

Homeschooling in the beginning feels so daunting. I hope to help others with their journey no matter if you've been doing this for a day, a year, or are just thinking of taking the leap!

Leave a comment telling me how long you've been homeschooling! I'd love to connect.

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